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Turkish Sucuk & Pastirma

Turkish Soujouk and Pastrami

Turkish Soujouk & Pastrami Varieties

Soujouk consists of filling and fermenting minced meat blended with special spices into the puffed intestine. Soujuk is food that appeals to everyone's taste. Beef or lamb mince, garlic, various spices, and dried intestines are required as sausage ingredients. The preferred meat for sausage is the part from the back of the calf. The most delicious part is the calf's back. Also, it is a fairly soft part. Turkish sausage is made by blending the meat and oil in a meat grinder, using various spices, and filling the mixture created by adding salt and additives to the casings. The mixture filled in these casings matures in a suitable environment and suitable conditions (temperature and humidity environment) and forms sausage. Sausage, which is consumed from breakfasts, barbecue tables, toasts, and different pastries, can be used in many different recipes. It offers you a unique taste with sausage and eggs, which are indispensable for breakfasts. Egg with sausage is very easy to prepare and delicious sausage recipe. Put the sliced sausages on the pan and fry them using butter or olive oil. Eggs are also cooked by breaking them on top. Sausage bread, an indispensable part of barbecues, is also one of the highly preferred sausage dishes. Chopped tomatoes, peppers, and sausage are placed inside the bread with butter on the outside and covered. It is a very practical sausage recipe.

Pastrami is a very old Turkish dish or canned meat. The pastirma sausage, which consists of mixing meat, salt, and red pepper, is pressed with garlic and fenugreek and dried in the sun. Pastirma sausage is a type of pickled meat. It is obtained by salting, washing, drying, and fenugreek of meats taken from certain parts of bovine animals. The most favorable environmental condition for the formation of Pastrami is a sunny and dry environment. Meats to be used for Pastrami should be chosen carefully. For this, the meat of healthy animals should be used (young well-fed bovine meat), muscle blocks should be easily removed as a whole, and at least 60% of the animals should be fed. If we list the production stages of pastrami: removing, opening, salting, washing, drying, pressing, soaking in fenugreek. Many recipes can also be made with bacon. The most preferred of these; is an egg with pastrami, deep fried phyllo pastry with pastrami and tomato filling, and dried beans with pastrami unique to Turkish cuisine. Ohanyan pastrami, the most preferred Turkish Pastrami brand, produces delicious soudjouk and pastrami-based in California. It ships everywhere in the USA. It is one of the most preferred pastrami brands in the USA. It is produced from halal cut meat products.

How to Cook Soujouk?

Care should be taken to cook the sausage that appeals to everyone's taste, is consumed fondly, and is not separated from their tables. Since its recipes are practical and can be eaten in every meal, soudjouk, which is consumed by everyone, can be considered as a type of food that is easy to cook. Sausage is easier to cook than other meats. But, to taste better, There are points to be considered. If these points are paid attention to, the sausage will preserve its cooking flavor. The container to be made for cooking sausage must be selected correctly. If you are going to cook sausage on the stove, you should choose a container with a non-stick surface. Among the alternatives that can be used for these, Teflon pans and copper pans are the right choices. If the barbecue cooking process takes place, the outer shells of the sausages must be peeled off. While the sausage is barbecued, the fire releases the oil of the sausage. Therefore, the sausage should be divided into large pieces so that the sausage is not dry. Thus, the sausage remains soft and tasty. Sausage should not exceed sufficient time during cooking. Both sides of the sausage should be cooked equally so that the sausage is not dry and there is no health problem. Cooking sausage can take place thanks to many tools. Sausage can be cooked in a pan, fried, on a barbecue, in a toaster, and the oven. You can add virgin olive oil, if necessary so that the sausage does not dry while it is being cooked. (It can be a good alternative for low-fat sausages). In addition to the taste of sausage, cooking sausage is also very important to get a quality taste and attention should be paid. We have to pay attention to the difference between frying sausage and cooking. Cooked sausage remains juicy and preserves its flavor.

Where to Buy Soujouk?

The most preferred Turkish Sausage brands are Nema Sucuk, Şahin Sucuk, and Ohanyan Sucuk. Nema Sucuk provides the highest quality food products on the market to the growing halal market. It sells the highest quality halal products using modern technology and equipment in red meat and various other food products. Since Nema Sucuk sells halal products, it is one of the most preferred brands abroad, especially in the USA. Nema Sausage is made from 100% beef and uses unique traditional spices. Thanks to Nema Sucuk, you will stop missing Turkish cuisine in USA. Şahin Sucuk is made from 100% beef and is produced from halal cut meat products. Şahin has quite a lot of sausage varieties. Gas vacuum, fermented coils, fermented fingers, hot-spicy coils, soudjouk stuffed, garlic sausage without fenugreek, fenugreek odorless sausage, golden cut sliced sausage.

Ohanyan Sausage produces delicious California-based sausage and pastrami. It ships everywhere in the USA. It is one of the most preferred sausage brands in the USA. It is produced from halal cut meat products.

How to Find Good Sausage in the USA?

One of the important criteria for those who want to buy good sausage in the USA is that it is made of halal meat. Brands that depend on producing sausages with the best ingredients that give sausages the most distinctive flavors loved by many cultures in USA, provide a good sausage eating experience. Offering a unique spice mix, unforgettable and delicious products, brands such as Ohanyan and Nema offer the opportunity to find good sausage in USA.

What Are Sausage Spices?

To prepare a delicious sausage, it is necessary to pay attention to the spices, which are as important as the meat. Sausage is made with 7 spicy mixtures and is a very delicious food source. Black pepper, allspice, nutmeg, cloves, white peppers, chili peppers, cumin are among the ingredients in the spice mixture used to make a great sausage. 20 g of sausage seasoning is quite sufficient for 1 kg of meat. So this ratio is 1/5. Generally, while making sausage, 100 grams of sausage seasoning is added to 5 kg of finely chopped sausage meat. Depending on the type of sausage, those who like plenty of spices are offered for sale by slightly increasing this amount.

Where Is Sausage Specific?

Turkish Sausage can be considered as the best sausage in the world and is eaten in Turkish cuisine from the Balkans to the Middle East and Central Asia. If we look at the history of sausage, it is unique to Anatolia. It is especially famous in the city of Kayseri and Afyon. Although it is not known exactly where the sausage comes from, the origin of this food is known as Kayseri. Kayseri, which has been producing sausage flavored with the breeze of Mount Erciyes for hundreds of years, can be regarded as the main place of sausage.

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