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Why Turkish People Loves Fresh Lemon Cologne?

 Turkish cologne entered the country during the Ottoman Empire period; besides, Turkish cologne was loved so much that it was offered to guests instead of rose water. Later, Turkish cologne use as a disinfectant in the early days of the Republic of Turkey; consequently, this situation increased the relationship of Turkish people with Turkish cologne. Even though there are many varieties of cologne, the most popular Turkish cologne for Turkish people is arguably lemon cologne. Turkish lemon cologne is served to guests on holidays and used as a disinfectant. Especially after the coronavirus, which affected the whole World, people carried Turkish lemon cologne in their bags since Turkish lemon cologne is an effective disinfectant. Turkish lemon cologne is also available in various types of bottles. For example, lemon cologne spray is a highly preferred variety. Lemon cologne spray provides ease of use; moreover, lemon cologne spray prevents spilling around or overuse with lemon cologne spray effective bottle. Apart from all these features of Turkish lemon cologne, Turkish lemon cologne's refreshing effect and nice smell should not be forgotten, therefore, Turkish people love fresh lemon cologne. Lemon cologne from Turkey which has a great place in the traditions of Turkish society is used with great importance in inpatient visits, weddings, and holidays. Apart from the usage of lemon cologne from Turkey as a disinfectant, traditional place, and the fresh feeling, Turkish lemon cologne gives; Turkish lemon cologne can also be used as a perfume. It is possible to use lemon cologne as a perfume by adding perfume-based essences to the lemon cologne. Turkish lemon cologne is a good choice as a perfume, furthermore; there are many varieties of lemon cologne for women and lemon cologne for men. While floral scents are added to the lemon cologne for women, different alternatives are created by adding woody and spicy scents to the lemon cologne for men. Therefore, Turks love fresh lemon cologne very much with all these features.

How to Make Lemon Cologne?

 Lemon cologne is obtained as a result of the combination of ethyl alcohol, water, and lemon essence. The ethyl alcohol rate used in lemon cologne is 45%, the water rate is 45%, and the remaining 10% is lemon essence, nevertheless; these rates can vary. The ethyl alcohol in the lemon cologne provides the disinfectant feature; furthermore, this ethyl alcohol which is in the cologne provides a refreshing feature when applied to the skin. There are various types of colognes according to the purpose of usage. For example, especially the colognes used for disinfectant purposes should have higher alcohol content. Even though the production of cologne is the same, there are many brands that produce Turkish cologne in Turkey due to the place of cologne for Turks. Special formulations can also be developed, although; the production of cologne seems to be only to comply with the proportions. Such as Eyup Sabri Tuncer cologne. Eyup Sabri Tuncer cologne is the first Turkish cologne to use its own formulas. Eyup Sabri Tuncer cologne started to produce cologne with essences that coming from abroad in 1933. Eyup Sabri Tuncer cologne brand created its own best Turkish lemon cologne formula with its continuous work until 1967. Hence, one of the brands that produce the best Turkish lemon cologne is the Eyup Sabri Tuncer cologne brand.

What are the Best Turkish Lemon Cologne Brands?

 When it comes to the best Turkish lemon cologne, there are many brands that produce the best lemon cologne in Turkey. One of them is Selin lemon traditional Turkish cologne. The roots of Selin Turkish lemon cologne date back to the 1900s. Selin lemon traditional Turkish cologne brings the freshness of lemon cologne for its consumers with its distinctive scent, under the expertise of the Eczacıbaşı brand. The cologne called ‘Golden Drop’ produced by Süleyman Ferit Eczacıbaşı in Izmir where is a beautiful city in Turkey in 1912 led to the birth of the Selin cologne brand. Even though the Selin cologne brand produces colognes in many various types and essences today, the most popular product has been the classic Selin lemon traditional Turkish cologne. Since the lemon essence in Turkish lemon cologne has been a clean and pure scent for Turks from the past. One of the other best Turkish lemon cologne brands is Duru cologne. Duru brand is a well-established company that was founded in 1927. Moreover, the Duru brand is known for producing hygiene products such as various types of soaps, shower gels, and Duru cologne. Duru lemon cologne is suitable for use as a disinfectant with 80% alcohol rate, consequently; Duru lemon cologne is one of the hygiene products produced by the Duru brand. Duru lemon cologne is one of the most preferred and best Turkish lemon colognes with Duru cologne disinfectant usage. Accordingly, there are many best Turkish lemon cologne brands that offer various usage areas and possess their job very well with their deep-rooted history. Therefore, it is possible to choose one of these various Turkish lemon colognes according to the purpose of use.

Where Can I Buy Rebul Cologne?

 Rebul Pharmacy was established by Jean Cesar Reboul in Beyoğlu, Istanbul, Turkey in 1895. The product that made Rebul Pharmacy famous at that time was the special Rebul cologne. The feature of this special Rebul cologne is that it contains lavender flower essence. Thus, Rebul cologne has been highly preferred and appreciated with this beautiful essence. Rebul cologne has increased product range today, moreover; there are many types of Rebul cologne with different essences and fragrances. Online shopping can be preferred to buy these various and incredibly good-smelling Rebul colognes. Rebul colognes can also be obtained from markets since Rebul cologne is a well-known product. Therefore, Rebul cologne can be easily obtained from both markets and online shopping.