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Dried dermason bean, unique to Mesoamerica region. It is a prebiotic food rich in fiber, folic acid and protein. It speeds up the metabolism. It helps prevent heart attack. It is good for bone health. It is beneficial for skin health...--
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Ulker Çokoprens Biscuits consists of cocoa cream with delicious hazelnuts between two layers of crispy biscuits. You can enjoy your tea and coffee breaks with its delicious taste. The taste of the biscuit with hazelnut cocoa cream will add pleasure to you all day. You can meet your sweet needs. It i..--
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Duru Liquid Soap with Olive Oil nourishes and moisturizes the skin beyond the cleansing with the nourishing olive oil. Olive oil has been a product of choice for cleaning and skin care since ancient times. Duru Liquid Soup with Olive Oil, you can have both the hygiene and cottony hands you want...--
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You can enjoy the Homemade Salty Cookie, which melts in the mouth, with your tea. You can serve it to your guests at any time without the trouble of making cookies. You can easily carry it with you and consume it with your snacks. Keep it in a cool and dry place...--
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Duru Brown Fine Bulgur (1 KG) gets its dark color from brown wheat. The structure of brown wheat is soft and different in color and taste. It is produced without the use of additives and without human touch. Thanks to this bulgur, you can add flavor and consistency to your meatballs. It can also be ..--
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With Dr. Oetker Cacao Pudding, you can meet your daily dessert need and create delicious recipes by decorating your cakes and pastries.Pour 500 ml (2.5 cups) of milk in a saucepan and add the whole package on it. Then, cook by stirring constantly. When you see the boiling movement in the pan, turn d..--
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Dr. Oetker Pudding - Vanilla (125 gr) is one of the best desserts of vanilla flavor. It is easily cooked by milk and reaches ideal consistency and taste. also available with different desserts. There are recipes on the back of each package that you can easily make.Pour 500 ml (2.5 cups) of milk in a..--
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Çaykur Camellia Stream; soft drink, pleasant smell is indispensable for breakfast tables. You can easily prepare any time you want to take a pleasant break. In addition, you can have a nice time by catering to your friends and loved ones...--
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REIS White Kidney Beans 1 KG
-13 %
White kidney bean is a legume that is frequently consumed with high fiber ratio and nutritional value. It is one of the vegetable sources of protein. It can be used for hot meals or for cold appetizers.It helps prevent heart attack. It is good for bone health. It is beneficial for skin health...--
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Thanks to the air gaps in it, okras, which take all the flavor of brine, have an exquisite taste. You can use pickled okra in sandwiches, salads, and create your own recipes. You can also use it as an appetizer. It will go well with your meals. It decorates the tables with its taste that just l..--
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Seyidoglu İpek Baklava and Kadaifi (1 Lb) offers you two very popular desserts in one package. It brings the traditional dessert to our kitchens with the taste we know and love. It gives happiness to those who eat with crunchy taste.  By servingthis dessert to your guests, you can host the..--
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Pumpkin seeds are rich in vitamin E, iron and zinc. You can enjoy Urgup style salted and roasted pumpkin seeds as a snack. It makes your conversations more enjoyable and increases the enjoyment of the TV time. Consuming pumpkin seeds give energy and pumpkin seeds contain beneficial fats that your bo..--
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Koska Tahin Molasses (350 gr) offers you the indispensable duo of breakfasts in a single jar with excellent taste. Nutritional value is high. It also gives energy. Contains high levels of calcium. You can consume one spoon in the morning to start the day energetically. You can get different fl..--
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Knorr presents the traditional soups to its lovers. Thus, we can easily reach the flavor we want. Rich in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron, you can quickly prepare tripe soup with Knorr. Its ingredients make the soup both tasty and nutritious. The magnificent harmony of the ing..--
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Dr. Oetker Irmik Halva Mix (400gr)
-38 %
Dr. Oetker semolina Halva (400g);You can quickly prepare semolina halva made using sugar, milk, water, semolina and butter with Başak Semolina Halva. When your guests arrive, it will take only 20 minutes to prepare desserts for the holidays. You will need only milk and margarine for this delicious d..--
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Orlando California Grape Leaves are offered for sale in brine to make delicious wraps. Leaves are collected with care. It is then pickled. You can make your wraps with olive oil or meat, depending on your preference. Apart from this, it also adds flavor to your recipe by leaving its unique..--
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Duru Cologne Lemon Glass (400 ml)
-17 %
Lemon cologne is a traditional fragrance that has been used to smell good and refresh. You can experience a feeling of freshness during the day with the refreshing effect of Duru lemon cologne. It has a stylish look with its glass bottle. This product is 80 degrees.It is recommended that you pr..--
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Öncü Hot Pepper Flakes (200 gr) is obtained by flaking fresh peppers after drying. It leaves a unique taste to meals. You can use it in all dishes that are good with hot taste. You can add it to your meals either while cooking or afterwards. You can increase the amount you add according to your..--
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Sarelle Hazelnut Spread (350 gr)
-13 %
Sarelle Hazelnut Spread is made from carefully selected quality hazelnuts. It becomes a product by blending roasted hazelnuts with vanilla flavor and crushing. Hazelnut paste with high nutritional value adds flavor to breakfasts. You can add flavor to your recipes not only for breakfasts but also fo..--
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Ulker Haylayf Biscuit (64 gr)Haylayf Biscuit's unique top is covered with sugar particles. When you feel hungry, you can easily consume Haylayf Biscuit by presenting it to your guests during your pleasant conversation moments, as well as your tea. It is very satisfying. It is an unforgettable biscui..--
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