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Eti Pizza Cracker (95 gr) is a kind of cracker produced by blending various vegetables and spices. Crispy taste, freshness and mouth-dispersed structure is a fun snack for those who love pizza and can easily access and consume when hungry. Not only as a snack, you can also add it to your soups to ad..--
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Meray Sunflower Seeds (150 gr) is the indispensable snack for tea times and chats. You can add fun and joy to your evenings with a bowl of sunflower seeds. You can also easily consume it wherever you want. Sunflower seeds have many benefits for the body. Moon seeds help rejuvenate the skin. Vitamin ..--
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Ulker Mini  All Star (Pack)In all your pleasant moments, delicious mini-size Ülker chocolates are always with you. It is also a very good alternative for catering. It contains chocolates suitable for everyone's taste.  It consists of Cocostar  Metro, Albeni and Ülker Chocolate Wafer. ..--
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Ulker İkram Cocoa Sandwich Biscuits with Cocoa Cream Pack is a delicious flavor with a magnificent hazelnut cream between two biscuits. It is an ideal taste for biscuit and hazelnut lovers. It has an ideal consistency for hazelnut lovers. You can add pleasure to your tea hours with Ulker İkram Sandw..--
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Duru Osmancik Rice (1 kg) is easier to achieve the ideal consistency compared to other rice with its easy-to-cook grains. It allows you to prepare delicious pilafs by separating the grains when cooked. It can be used in soups and meals. It is indispensable for your guests and your family...--
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Pistachio Baklava, one of the most popular Turkish desserts originates from Gaziantep. It is made by placing pistachio crumbles between the thin layers of phyllo doughs and lastly pouring sherbet over them. You can serve it with ice cream.Baklava with Pistachios Baked Daily12 Pieces / about 1.5 LbMa..--
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Muratbey Anari Cheese is a light cheese. It goes well with pastries. With its soft creamy consistency, you can prepare snacks on bread.  It contains the good flavor and high nutritional values required for a good start to the day.  You can use it also in your pastry recipes...--
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Rich in antioxidants and protein, pistachio is a nutritious nut that can be beneficial for your cholesterol and blood pressure problems. You can consume it as a snack during the day. Tadım offers you many different delicious dried nuts. Nuts that are collected fresh and passed through the neces..--
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Muratbey Kashkaval (400 gr) has high flavor and nutritional value. Awarded top quality fresh cheddar cheese. You can increase the taste of your recipes by using not only in breakfast but also in different recipes. It is one of the indispensable tastes of easy prepared snacks such as sandwiches and t..--
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Hot pepper paste, which is widely used in Turkish cuisine, adds a delicious aroma to the dish. Tat Red Pepper Paste-Hot can be roasted in oil and used as a sauce. Tat Red Pepper Paste made from peppers collected in the season brings a unique flavor to your table with its natural production methods a..--
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Dr. Oetker Baking Powder (6 pcs) provides the desired softness and appropriate fluffiness. You can achieve the perfect consistency in your salty and sweet pastries. Since it is a frequently used product in the kitchen, it is offered for sale in packs of 6. You can also experience different flavors i..--
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Noodle and bulgur are nutritious foods that support a healthy life. With its fiber-rich content, this product positively affects your digestive system and helps you achieve a healthy weight. You can consume it alone or serve it with your meals. It can be consumed as rice, in soups or with various ve..--
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Soudjouk is made by cutting the meat into a paste in the form of minced meat. Butcher Soudjouk is a thickly ground and spicy sausage. Nema Soujouk Butcher Style is produced from beef. You can enjoy it in your toasts and breakfast. You can add it to your egg recipes and get delicious egg meals. You c..--
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You can enrich your breakfasts and flavor your sandwiches with Nema Erzincan Tulum Cheese, which is very close to the taste of tulum cheese obtained by traditional methods.  It contains the good flavor and high nutritional values required for a good start to the day. You can use it al..--
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Prepared with ingredients such as vanilla, milk and gum mastic; mastic pudding can be easily prepared with Dr. Oetker Mastic Pudding..Pour 500 ml (2.5 cups) of milk in a saucepan and add the whole package on it. Then, cook by stirring constantly. When you see the boiling movement in the pan, turn do..--
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You can consume walnuts, which are rich in vitamins, minerals and vegetable oils, as nuts. You can also consume it by adding it to your pastries and meals. It contains high fiber. Walnut, which is also a source of potassium, also contributes to your muscular system. You can consume it with pleasure,..--
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Soudjouk is made by cutting the meat into a paste in the form of minced meat. Ohanyans Soujouk Mild is produced from beef. You can enjoy it in your toasts and breakfast. You can add it to your egg recipes and get delicious egg meals. You can increase the flavor even more by baking it in barbecue. Yo..--
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Duru Aşure Wheat (1 kg) is obtained from soft wheat. It can be used in salads, desserts and soups as well as ashura. It contains a high amount of fiber and helps to protect cardiovascular health and reduce the risk of heart attack. It contains plenty of folic acid...--
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Ulker Chocolate Wafer Bitter consists of a magnificent cream among thin crunchy wafer leaves and a delicious dark chocolate coating. A classic Ulker taste is differentiated with dark chocolate. Keep in a cool environment...--
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Reis Coarse Bulgur (1 kg)
-11 %
Bulghur is a nutritious food that promotes a healthy life. It is produced by breaking the durum wheat. With its fiber-rich content, this product may positively affect your digestive problems and support a healthy weight. It has a high carbohydrate value. It has unsaturated fats and its fat..--
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