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Duru Fine Bulgur 2 Lb (1 kg)
-11 %
Duru Fine Bulgur 2 Lb (1 kg)Yellow bulgur variety. Easily softens.It can be consumed as rice, in soups or with various vegetables.Bulgur is rich in vitamin B1 and has many benefits to the nervous system. Store in cool, dry place...--
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Nestle Damak Chocolate with Pistachio (65 gr) is one of Nestle's classic flavors. It brings your coffee pleasure to a higher point with the perfect harmony of plenty of pistachios and milk chocolate. This Nestle chocolate, prepared with the highest quality ingredients, will be indispensabl..--
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Duru White Kidney Beans  2 Lb (1 kg)
-13 %
Dried dermason bean, unique to Mesoamerica region, is a probiotic food rich in fiber, folic acid and protein. It helps to relieve the feeling of constipation and bloating, to give strength and energy to the body, to relieve physical and mental fatigue. It helps to prevent heart attack, support the d..--
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Doganay Turnip Juice Mild (1 lt)
-17 %
Doganay Turnip Juice Mild, the main food turnip radish, purple carrot, water, salt and whole wheat bulgur. It is a healthy, nutritious and delicious beverage obtained by fermenting with whole wheat bulgur for 30-40 days. It is an indispensable drink of kebabs especially with its pleasant flavor left..--
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Pepper paste, which is widely used in Turkish cuisine, adds a delicious aroma to the dish. Tat Village Antep Type Mild Pepper Paste can be roasted in oil and used as a sauce.Thanks to Tat Köy Hot Pepper Paste, the flavor of the village paste comes to your kitchen. It is a very good alternative ..--
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Ulker Biskrem Duo Biscuit offers a unique taste in the ideal consistency of the fresh mosaic biscuit. It consists of lots of delicious chocolate. You will not be able to get enough of it with its fluid filling. You can consume the biscuit with your hot drinks. It is suitable for everyone's taste. Yo..--
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Kuru Kahveci Mehmet Efendi Turkish Coffee 16 oz (500 gr)
-13 %
Kuru Kahveci Mehmet Efendi Turkish Coffee is produced from special coffee beans. It is a traditional taste. Indispensable for coffee drinkers. It preserves the aroma and taste of the first day with its special package designed for you. It is known that Turkish coffee lowers cholesterol. It also..--
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Taste and variety of classic soups are easily on your table with Knorr classic soups prepared by master Knorr chefs. Knorr Ezogelin (65 gr) is the fastest and easiest form of classic esogelin soup. The magnificent harmony of the ingredients in it creates a feast in the mouths. If you do it ove..--
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Ulker Napoliten Milk Chocolate is a chocolate that everyone loves with its intense taste and soft structure that melts in the mouth. It is a classic product. It is designed to be easily broken so that it can be served easily. It is suitable for Turkish taste. The box is very stylish. Keep in a cool ..--
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Special gel with orange extract or strawberry flavor and cocoa granules on special mold biscuits. When all these features come together, you only have to eat with pleasure. You can easily carry it with you and consume it as a snack. Keep it in a cool and dry place...--
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Tahsildaroglu Ezine Goat's Feta 12.3 oz 350 g
-13 %
Tahsildaroglu Ezine Goat's Feta is produced from 50% goat milk, 45% sheep milk and 5% cow milk. Goat milk is the healthiest and most useful milk after breast milk. It has been aged for 12 months with yeast and salt to achieve perfect taste, smell and color.Tahsildaroğlu brings delicious cheeses to y..--
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Earl Gray Tea (200 gr) provides a delicious soft drink by combining bergamot flavor with tea. The harmony of bergamot with its unique taste adds to your tea hours.Also, tea has many benefits to our health. Drinking tea helps to protect brain health, improve heart health and even prevent some types o..--
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Cologne is a traditional fragrance that has been used to smell nice and refresh from the past. You can experience the feeling of freshness during the day with the refreshing effect of Pereja Cologne, which brings you the unique scent of lemon flower. This product is 80% alcohol.  It protects yo..--
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Koska Paper Halva is a dessert enjoyed by everyone, youngest to oldest. It has a light and crispy texture. It can be consumed plain or with ice cream in between. It is in round shape and in a plastic package. It can be easily grabbed and eaten due to its shape. It is a pleasant dessert option tha..--
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Knorr presents its traditional and time-consuming traditional soups to its lovers. Thus, we can easily reach the flavor we want. Knorr Tomato Soup (68 gr) is the fastest and easiest form of classic tomato soup. The magnificent harmony of the ingredients in it creates a feast in the mouths. ..--
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Marmarabirlik Dehydrated Black Olives 3XS (400 gr)
-13 %
Marmarabirlik Dehydrated Black Olives (400 gr) is a fleshy olive species.You can catch beautiful and different flavors by using it not only for breakfast but also in many dishes. You can get rich flavors by adding it to appetizers and salads. Consuming olives has many health benefits. It i..--
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Duru Cologne Lemon (400 ml)
-25 %
Lemon cologne is a traditional fragrance that has been used to smell good and refresh from the past. You can experience a feeling of freshness during the day with the refreshing effect of Duru lemon cologne. Thanks to its portable bottle, you can cool off at any time of the day. This product is 80 d..--
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Ulker Cizi Cracker with Cheese (90 gr) is a delicious snack with delicious cheese filling between crunchy crackers with cheese and salt. Cizi, which is eaten fondly by everyone, is with you whenever you get hungry. It is a unique flavor with cheese cream, which has been indispensable to everyon..--
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Eti Adicto Intense (144 g), mini brownies with chocolate covered yummy wet cake is perfect for your snack hours. Delicious Eti Browni Intense Mini Brownies offer you a unique dessert experience with cherry and chocolate varieties. For those looking for a smaller dessert experience, Browni Intense is..--
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Reis Semolina (500 gr)
-13 %
Reis Semolina Semolina (500 g) was obtained from hard durum wheat. It is one of the basic ingredients of many pastries and desserts. Adds flavor to recipes. You can use it in making semolina halva.To make semolina halva;Melt the butter in a pot, add semolina and fry. When the semolina is well r..--
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