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What Is Paste?


Paste/sauce is made by mashing tomatoes and red peppers. It is prepared by boiling the juices of these vegetables, then boiled and mashed. Especially, it is prepared for the consumption of vegetables that are very tasty in the summer, in the winter. Generally, tomato paste is kept in the open air to dry under the sun. It is also produced as canned and dried in a large oven with the effect of heat. Paste is a must in Turkish cuisine. It is a basic product variety to cook that is used in every meal. Consuming tomato and pepper paste by diluting is also an alternative, thus, tomato juice is obtained.


Sauce recipe, After adding olive oil or optional butter to the pan, tomato paste is added. Then it is roasted and optional garlic is added and water is added and boiled is started. After boiling, turn down the heat and add spices. Thyme and chili pepper are among the most preferred spice types. Finally, it is cooked for 5 more minutes and a very delicious sauce is prepared to pour over the meals. It is taken on a serving plate and eaten with pleasure.


Turkish salca, It is a highly preferred type of tomato paste. It is consumed fondly in every region of the country. It is a good alternative for those who want to enjoy the spice aroma in meals.Especially, it is more preferred in the winter months. It is the main ingredient of most meals made. The peppers selected should be fresh. Turkish salca is very useful. It helps to reduce cholesterol because it contains vitamins E and C. It is an antioxidant.


Turkish hot pepper paste, It is done a lot, especially in preparation for winter. It is prepared from succulent  hot/spice peppers. Those who love pepper paste hot can add a small amount of hot pepper into it. In addition to sun drying, which is one of the most used methods, it is cooked in the oven or in a large pot over low heat. After the excess water is drawn, the peppers, which are boiled and dried beforehand, are taken into jars and stored in a place out of the sun. It is a flavor that is consumed to give more flavor to every meal by spreading it on bread at breakfast, snacks you want. To make 5 kilograms of red pepper paste, 500 grams of red pepper, 3 tablespoons of salt are required.

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