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Ashura Week

Ashura Week

All About Asure;


‘How to Make Turkish Dessert Asure?’, and ‘How to Make Easy Turkish Dessert Asure?’

 The ingredients needed to make Turkish dessert asure are quite diverse. Wheat, rice, chickpeas, and dried beans are legumes that are used for Turkish dessert asure. In addition to legumes, plenty of dried fruits and nuts are also used in Turkish dessert asure. Sun-dried Turkish apricots, dried Turkish figs, and raisins can be given as examples of Turkish fruit asure. Turkish fruit asure can be adjusted according to taste and demand. Apart from Turkish fruit asure, various nuts are also used in asure Turkish. Peanuts, Turkish hazelnuts, Turkish almonds, Turkish dried walnuts can be given as examples of nuts in the Turkish desserts asure recipe. There are also fresh fruits such as apples in the Turkish dessert asure recipe. Furthermore, there are also spices such as cloves and cinnamon sticks that will increase the flavor in the Turkish dessert asure recipe. The peel of fragrant fruits such as oranges and lemons is also used in the asure Turkish recipe to give asure Turkish a good smell. The amount of ingredients used in the recipe for asure Turkish varies according to the desired density. In general, the proportion of legumes in the asure Turkish recipe is 1 glass of Turkish chickpeas and Turkish dried beans, 250 grams of wheat, and 100 grams of rice. After the wheat is cooked; rice, lemon and orange peels, pre-cooked Turkish chickpeas, and Turkish dried beans are added on top for making asure Turkish. Besides, a syrup is formed from 900 grams of sugar and 10 cloves with a glass of water in a separate pot. According to the asure Turkish recipe, legumes and syrup are combined. As a final step, the desired Turkish fruit asure and asure Turkish nuts are added to the pot. The best part of the asure Turkish recipe is the ingredients that vary according to taste and demand. Consequently, it is possible to make different touches into the asure Turkish recipe. For example, it is accomplishable to make a creative and delicious asure Turkish dessert with ingredients such as fresh fruits, pomegranate seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, and chia seeds. It is also important to decorate asure Turkish dessert after making it. Fresh Turkish fruit aşure, coconut powder, cinnamon, and Turkish nuts can be used to decorate the Turkish dessert asure, moreover; different varieties can be added upon request.

 Another way to get a difference when making asure Turkish pudding is to add milk to it. With adding milk into the Turkish dessert asure which was preferred in the Ottoman period, the asure Turkish sweet has a creamier taste and denser consistency. Furthermore, there are approximately 300 calories in one serving of Turkish dessert asure. Even though Turkish dessert asure is quite nutritious, it is a calorie-dense dessert. However, asure Turkish sweet can be easily added to the diet list by proportioning the ingredients according to demand. For example, lower-calorie alternatives can be created by reducing the refined sugar in the Turkish dessert asure and adding more fruit for making more healthier options. Asure Turkish pudding ingredients are easily available in every market. For example, Turkish asure in Brooklyn can be purchased from online Turkish markets. Consequently, there is no need to make asure Turkish pudding at home to taste delicious taste Turkish asure in Brooklyn. Thus, Turkish dessert asure is an amazing delicacy that everyone should try. 


All About the History of Turkish Dessert Asure;


‘What is the Day for Making Turkish Dessert Asure?’, and ‘When does the Month of Turkish Dessert Asure End?’ 

 The month of Muharram in the hegira calendar is known as the month of asure Turkish pudding. Besides, the day that coincides with the 10th day of Muharram month is known as Turkish asure day. The purpose and importance of the Turkish asure day are about sharing. Asure Turkish pudding is made in large pots, furthermore; Turkish dessert asure is distributed to relatives and neighbors on Turkish asure day. Although asure Turkish pudding has meanings and stories according to different cultures and religions, its common purpose is to explain the importance of sharing. The most popular story known today about asure pudding is the one about Noah. According to the belief, Noah's ship sits on the top of Mountain Judi after the flood, moreover; the people on the ship cook a dish using the last ingredients in order not to die of hunger. Thus, the name of this dish is asure. Hence, Turkish asure day for Turkish people explains the value of sharing and spending time with their loved ones. According to the Islamic belief, fasting is also observed in Turkish asure day. Turkish asure day is also a very important day in the Ottoman Empire. Asure Turkish sweet which is cooked in the Ottoman palace was distributed to the palace and the public. On the Turkish asure day, some wealthy people in Anatolia used to cook asure Turkish sweet, besides; they distribute Turkish dessert asure to the public during the Ottoman Empire. Therefore, cooking asure Turkish sweet is a long-standing tradition. Furthermore, Turkish dessert asure symbolizes plentifulness.  

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