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Superfresh Simit (4x100 gr)

Superfresh Simit (4x100 gr)
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Superfresh Simit (4x100 gr)
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Superfresh Simit (4x100 gr)

All About Turkish Simit;


‘What is Simit?’, ‘What is the History of Turkish Simit Bread?’, ‘What are the Types of Simit Bagel?’, ‘What is the Specialty of Ankara Simiti?’, ‘How to Apply Simit Recipes?’, ‘How to Make Turkish Simit Bread at Home?’, and ‘How to Find Turkish Simit Near Me?’


 Simit bagel is one of the famous Turkish street delicacies. Moreover, the importance of simit bagel in Turkish food culture is grand and indisputable. The word ‘samidu’ which is the origin of the word simit bagel is based on the oldest cookbook in the world. Later this word evolved and became ‘simit’ for Turkish people. If it is necessary to go back to the past of the Turkish simit, it is necessary to start from the Ottoman Empire period. During the Ottoman Empire, a simit bagel is a ring-shaped bread made using dandruff-free flour, semolina, and fine bulgur. Hence, this is why some cities in Turkey called fine bulgur as a simit. When this ring-shaped bread was introduced to the Ottoman people, the public liked it so much that this flavor has been carried to the present. Giving the name simit to the ring-shaped bread thanks to the Ottoman people, besides; simit word spread with the popularity of the simit bagel. Due to this interest in simit bread, bakeries that only produce simit bread emerged over time. Simit bakery possesses a special stone oven. Owing to these stone ovens in simit bakery, the unique taste of simit bagel is obtained. Since simit bakery use wood fire to give the bagel a crispier texture. In fact simit bread is called ‘gevrek’ in Izmir, Turkey because of this crispy texture simit bagel has. Accordingly, the word ‘gevrek’ means crispy in English. Today, Turkish simit bread is made in different styles unique to many Anatolian cities. The best known of these Turkish simit bread is the Ankara simiti. Among the production materials of Ankara simiti is grape molasses. Ankara simiti is a thinner, darker-colored Turkish simit bread with dense grape molasses compared to other simit bagels. Before being baked in a stone oven, Ankara simiti is dipped in a dark grape molasses syrup and roasted sesame seeds are added to it. Furthermore, Ankara simiti is a hard texture since there is no oil in the dough of Ankara simiti. Hence, Ankara simiti is very delicious with its molasses flavor, crispy texture, and plenty of roasted sesame seeds. Apart from the Ankara simiti, there are many types of Turkish simit bread in Turkey such as Istanbul simit bread, Hatay simit bread, Izmir gevrek, Bursa Turkish simit bread. Specially Manisa simit bagel has great differences compared to other Turkish simit bagels. The yeast used in Manisa simit bagel is chickpea yeast and chickpea flour can be added to the simit bagel. Because of this chickpea yeast used in simit bread, the shape of the Manisa simit bagel becomes flat. Moreover, this special Manisa simit bagel is produced especially during Ramadan month.


 The Turkish simit recipes can also be tried at home. The ingredients required for simit recipes are 1 glass of warm water, 1 glass of warm milk, 4 glasses of flour, 1 packet of dry yeast, 1 egg, 1 teaspoon of salt, and granulated sugar. All the ingredients are mixed well and the dough formed is kneaded until it does not stick to the hand. After this stage, the dough is left to ferment for 1 hour at room temperature with covered according to the simit recipes. The fermented dough is divided into pieces, furthermore; each piece is given a round shape. After this stage, syrup is prepared by mixing grape molasses and water according to the simit recipes. This prepared syrup is spread on the Turkish simit bread and optionally covered with roasted sesame seeds. The prepared Turkish simit bread is ready after they are cooked in the oven at 180 degrees for about half an hour according to the Turkish simit recipes. Thanks to the simit recipes, crispy Turkish simit bread can be tasted and the house smells wonderful when the Turkish simit is cooked. It is also possible to make Turkish simit bread from different regions by adding different ingredients and techniques to the simit recipes given here. Turkish simit is the essential taste of Turkish breakfast and afternoon tea. Even though simit Turkish is seen as a street delicacy, Turkish simit bread is especially important at the Turkish Sunday breakfast table. Turkish simit and all Turkish breakfast products make a good combination. Examples of Turkish breakfast products that combine well with simit Turkish are Turkish ezine cheese, Turkish olives, jam varieties, honey, and clotted cream. It is sufficient to type ‘Turkish simit near me’ and ‘Simit near me’ into the search engine to add the unique taste of simit Turkish to breakfast tables or afternoon tea. Besides, Turkish markets that sell Turkish simit nearby are learned with ‘Simit near me’ and ‘Turkish simit near me’ patterns. Consequently, Turkish simit owns an old history, crispy texture and a wonderful taste that suits every product. This delicious flavor can be purchased from the online market by using ‘Simit near me’ and ‘Turkish simit near me’ patterns or tried at home.