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Rebul Sprey Cologne Jasmine (270 ml)

Rebul Sprey Cologne Jasmine (270 ml)
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Rebul Sprey Cologne Jasmine (270 ml)
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Rebul Sprey Cologne Jasmine (270 ml) The jasmine festivity The cocktail of red apple, juicy pear, sweet peach and exotic leach will make you feel like you are near the orchards in that gentle breeze coming from the shores of southern Italy, the land of the most beautiful jasmine. After passing the orchards, the middle notes of madagascar's delicate ylang ylangs and England's peonies that you can't resist to touch will caress your face with all their softness. In the bottom notes, transparent white musk, sandalwood, cedar wood and rich powder texture will take you on a fascinating stroll.   It protects you against bacteria and viruses. You can use it to disinfect your hands where there is no water and soap. High alcohol content kills bacteria.