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Ohanyan's Cured Dried Beef Strip Halal Bastirma (Pastirma) 8 oz 227 g

Ohanyan's Cured Dried Beef Strip Halal Bastirma (Pastirma) 8 oz 227 g
Ohanyan's Cured Dried Beef Strip Halal Bastirma (Pastirma) 8 oz 227 g
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Ohanyan's Cured Dried Beef Strip Halal Bastirma (Pastirma) is produced by salting, pressing, drying and fenugreeking processes. You can add flavor to your tables by using it in your breakfasts and meals with its unique taste.You can add it to your egg recipes and get delicious egg meals. You can increase the flavor even more by baking it in barbecue. You can turn it into lunch or dinner by adding it to your sandwiches. 

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Beef, salt, water, spices, garlic, paprika, sodium nitrate

All About Turkish Pastirma;


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 Turkish pastirma is a kind of dried meat that Turkish people love to consume. They consume Turkish pastirma in main dishes, sandwiches, breakfast dishes. Thus, Turkish pastırma is an amazing flavor that goes well with any meal and any time. Pastirma is produced by the method of drying raw meat with various spices. Especially the city of Kayseri in Turkey is famous for its pastirma. The Turkish pastirma recipe is difficult and quite a step-by-step recipe. The requirements of the Turkish pastirma recipe are 2.5 kilos of tenderloin or rib steak, salt, 100 grams of fenugreek, desired spices, desired amount of garlic, and 1.5 liters of water. As a first step, the meat is covered with salt and a heavyweight is placed on it, allowing the water in the meat to flow for 10 days. After this step, the meat is placed in a container full of water, furthermore; this water is renewed every three hours. According to the Turkish pastirma recipe, the reason for this step is to desalinate the extra salt in the meat. The meat is hung with a string and left to dry for 3-4 days. According to the Turkish pastirma recipe, the meat wrapped with fenugreek lasts for about 20 days. The pastirma is ready to be consumed 20 days later, thanks to the pastirma recipe. The pastirma prepared according to the Turkish pastirma recipe can be cut into thin pieces and used in delicatessen plates, sandwiches, breakfast with eggs, and meals. Although it is difficult to apply the Turkish pastirma recipe at home, pastirma can also be purchased from outside. Consequently, Turkish halal bastirma in USA and halal bastirma in US can be purchased from online Turkish markets and included in many meals, and sandwiches.


 Turkish breakfast tables are a feast, especially on weekends. The place of egg with Turkish bastirma is indisputable in these Turkish breakfast tables with many delicious products. Moreover, eggs with Turkish bastirma come to the table in a small pan called ‘sahan’. Eggs with Turkish bastirma are cooked in ‘sahan’ with butter, besides; this way eggs with bastirma get very tasty. The dishes containing bastirma are quite a lot in Turkish cuisine. For example, Pacanga pastry which includes bastirma is quite famous. To make this delicious recipe, halal pastirma, tomatoes, peppers are put into the phyllo pastry and bastirma pastries are fried in hot oil. Another delicious main dish is white beans with halal bastirma. Thin pieces of halal bastirma are added to this dish before white beans with halal bastirma is consumed. Consequently, halal bastirma gives flavor to all dishes with its delicious spices and solidity. 


 Halal pastirma brands are brands that possess received halal product certification. It is possible to try halal pastirma reliable and delicious taste at home by buying halal bastirma. Halal-certified products can be preferred to buy halal bastirma reliably. The point to consider when buying halal bastirma is indicated on the packaged pastirma products. Moreover, a delicatessen plate can be prepared with halal pastirma. Furthermore, a Turkish delicatessen plate can be prepared with halal pastirma, Turkish cheeses, nuts, dried fruits, and fresh fruits can be a good start to a meal. Also, halal pastirma can be added to many dishes, including main courses, pasta, sandwiches, salads, snacks, and appetizers. Local Turkish markets can be preferred to buy halal bastirma USA and halal bastirma US. Besides, online markets can also be preferred to buy halal bastirma USA and halal bastirma US. Furthermore, hundreds of delicious dishes can be prepared by obtaining halal bastirma in US and halal bastirma in USA. Hence, recipes made with halal bastirma can also be enhanced with creativity. Consequently, the taste of Turkish pastirma flavored with salty and delicious spices enhances the flavor of every dish, besides; halal bastirma in USA and halal bastirma in US have become very easy to obtain from online Turkish markets. 


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