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Manisa Mesir Paste (Jar - 420 gr)

Manisa Mesir Paste (Jar - 420 gr)
Manisa Mesir Paste (Jar - 420 gr)
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Mesir paste is a traditional Turkish dessert. It was produced as a medicine in the Ottoman Empire for the first time. Mesir paste, which is known for its aphrodisiac effect and is good for many ailments, contains 41 types of spices and herbs. Its appetite-enhancing, fatigue-relieving and diuretic effects have been proven. It helps to keep the body warm in cold weather. Increases body resistance.

ginger, zulumba, cream tartar, coriander, kebab, galancan, coconut, anise, new spring, cucumber, rosin, saffron, cinnamon, udülkahir, scavenger, mustard, old, cloves, indigo, licorice honey, addictive, yellowhelile, raziyane, cumin, turmeric, cinnamon flower, black pepper, nigella sativa, darifulful, rhubarb, lemon salt, cardamom, chamomile, vanilla, sugar, sunflower, coconut blossom, lemon peel, galanda, bilberry seeds, orange peel spices


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