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Komagene Cig Kofte (600 gr)

Komagene Cig Kofte (600 gr)
Komagene Cig Kofte (600 gr)
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It comes with air cargo from Turkey on a daily basis.

Brown Bulgur for Meatballs, Drinking Water, Ketchup (10%) [Water, Tomato Paste, Sugar, Modified Corn Starch, Vinegar, Salt, Flavoring], Vegetable Oil (Corn), Tomato Paste, Red Pepper (Isot), Pepper Paste , Raw Meatball Seasoning (Salt, Sugar, Maltodextrin, Yeast extract, Corn starch, Vegetable oils, Vegetable meat flavoring, Dried onion, Spice mix, Acidity Regulator (Citric acid), Dried parsley, Turmeric), Walnut, Spice mix, Hazelnut , Almond, Pomegranate syrup, Yeast extract, Acidity Regulator (Citric acid)

All About Turkish Cig Kofte;


‘How to Make Vegetarian Cig Kofte?’, What is Vegetarian Cig Kofte Recipe?’, ‘What is Vegan Cig Kofte?’, and ‘How to Eat Turkish Cig Kofte?’


 The homeland of Turkish cig kofte is the Southeastern Anatolia region of Turkey. According to the story, Turkish cig kofte shows up when a hunter who was in the city of Adıyaman in today’s Turkey 4000 years ago, mixed the ingredients without using any heat due to the fire ban. Turkish cig kofte which emerged in this way 4000 years ago has survived to the present day. Cig kofte pronunciation is as it like written, besides; cig kofte pronunciation is also referred to as raw meatball in English. Although Turkish cig kofte may differ from city to city, some of the basic ingredients in Turkish cig kofte recipes do not change. Today, delicious Turkish cig kofte are made in cities such as Şanlıurfa, Adana, Diyarbakır, Elazıg, Diyarbakır, and especially in Adıyaman. Even though Turkish cig kofte is originally prepared with minced meat, there is also a vegetarian cig kofte version. Though the original Turkish cig kofte is known for being kneaded for a long time, some methods will facilitate the making of Turkish cig kofte. The vegetarian cig kofte recipe is quite simple. The ingredients for making a vegetarian cig kofte recipe are brown bulgur, Turkish spice isot, olive oil, red pepper, Turkish tomato salca, salt, onion, dib roman, and some water. To make a vegan cig kofte, 2.5 cups of brown Turkish bulgur is kept with 1.5 cups of hot water. After that, onions, Turkish spices, and olive oil are crushed using a blender and Turkish bulgur is added to these ingredients. Furthermore, the materials were mixed for 10 minutes then shaped by hand. Consequently, vegan cig kofte is easily prepared. Vegetarian cig kofte recipe is very easy to prepare, moreover; vegan cig kofte is a portion of very delicious Turkish street food. It is possible to obtain this recipe by typing ‘cig kofte recipe in English’ into the search engine and apply it at home. Fort he presentation of vegan cig kofte, different and creative methods, as well as the traditional Turkish vegan cig kofte presentation method, can be tried. In the traditional vegan cig kofte presentation, lettuce, parsley, and various types of greens are arranged on the plate. Besides, thinly cut cucumber slices, tomatoes, and pickled cucumbers are placed on the edge of the plate. Then, a hand-shaped vegan cig kofte is placed on lettuce and greens. In this way, the vegetarian cig kofte plate is ready. While consuming vegan cig kofte, İt is wrapped in greens or Turkish lavash. Besides, the desired side ingredients are added to wrapped vegan cig kofte. Then, wrapped vegetarian cig kofte is eaten by pouring lemon juice and pomegranate syrup on it. Also, hot sauce can be added upon request. Vegan cig kofte which is a Turkish street delicacy can also be sold in the form of wraps. These wraps are prepared by wrapping Turkish cig kofte, greens, and desired ingredients in Turkish lavash.


‘How to Make Cig Kofte with Raw Meat?’, ‘What is Cig Kofte Raw Meat Recipe?’, and ‘What is Komagene Cig Kofte?’


 The preparation of cig kofte raw meat is as in the vegetarian cig kofte recipe. The only difference between cig kofte raw meat is the minced meat added during the kneading phase. Apart from these ingredients, Turkish red pepper paste, garlic, cumin, parsley, and spring onion can be added to cig kofte raw meat. This cig kofte raw meat recipe is a more traditional, besides; generally, the vegetarian cig kofte recipe is preferred. Komagene cig kofte is among the main companies that produce Turkish cig kofte. The name of the Komagene cig kofte brand comes from the Kingdom of Kommagene which is an ancient civilization. The Kingdom of Kommagene was residing in the present day of Adıyaman province, Turkey. Moreover, cig kofte raw meat appeared in the same region. Komagene cig kofte provides perfect protection for Turkish cig kofte with Komagene cig kofte hygienic packaging. Komagene cig kofte is a vegetarian cig kofte, moreover, is suitable for everyone’s taste. Cig kofte in New York City and cig kofte in New Jersey is a nice choice during the rush hour of the day. Both cig kofte in New York City and cig kofte in New Jersey can be a nice option as a snack and main meal starter. Another one that can add Turkish cig kofte to its menü is cig kofte in Las Vegas. Cig kofte in Las Vegas can be consumed as a cold starter, also; Turkish cig kofte is indispensable on an appetizer. Consequently, Turkish cig kofte is a nice starter dish that does not require the usage of the stove. With this feature, Turkish cig kofte is very practical to prepare Turkish cig kofte. Turkish cig kofte is a highly preferred dish in diets with its fulfilling effect. Turkish cig kofte contains red hot pepper and Turkish spice isot, which has the effect of accelerating metabolism. At the same time, the Turkish brown bulgur in Turkish cig kofte has a feature that is both satiating and protects heart health. The most beautiful feature is that Turkish cig kofte can appeal to every taste with the vegetarian cig kofte option.


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